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Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference

Client Testimonials

Marine Engineer's delight with adjustments that hold for a long period of time.

I was referred to the lovely Jessica a few years ago by my sister-in-law and I haven't looked backed since. From the very first session, I thought: "Gee, this is different and not 'physical' at all. She hardly touched me!" I have been to many practitioners over the years and alternative forms of treatment have become the norm for me, as the mainstream practitioners were not solving any of my problems.

It became clear to me, over a short period of time, that I had found somebody that I could rely upon. Jessica's adjustments lasted well over three months and sometimes up to twelve months. This is her whole objective... In her eyes, the less she needs to see you, the better she is doing her job in making you feel better for longer. Now that's different!!

I can honestly say that nobody has shifted and transformed my body the way Jessica has. This is very important for me as I work at sea as a Marine Engineer and have done so for the past ten years. There is a level of fear and anxiety attached to this as I know that I am isolated from help should my body/health break down.

I also keep a jar of Jessica's Wonder Cream, as I call it, Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream, with me wherever I am. It relieves aches and pains longer than any other cream I have tried and has definitely healed a few of my long term injuries from football and dirt bike riding.

Trevor Bluhm

Kinesiologist able to return to exercising.

Jessica's work has had a huge impact on my well being, both physically and emotionally. I have experienced a great reduction in my pain from her treatments and also from using the marvellous Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream. The dramatic reduction in pain has enabled me to start living my life more comfortably and to return to exercising 

which I love.

I had been attending an osteopath and also had Pilates sessions with the same person over many years previous to visiting Jessica. The osteopath could not believe the changes and improvements in my spine and muscular system after only the first visit to Jessica.

Jessica's insightful knowledge in nutrition has also helped me make adjustments to my diet. These have improved my gut health and my overall energy levels. Her gentle techniques, insight and knowledge are truly a gift and I cannot recommend this talented and generous woman highly enough.

Nicki Kuurman, Kinesiologist

Universal Calm

Healing for the whole family.

Over the last couple of years my three daughters, my wife and even my Mum have all been patients of Jessica’s and we have all attained fantastic and positive results through her holistic healing treatments and importantly with using her products which she has developed herself.

My family and I love Jessica’s Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream. We all use it for various aches and pains. I like to share it with my friends and relatives as well, they are all amazed at how effective it is and love it when I buy them a jar or two especially my nephew who is often bruised and sore from soccer training . I also highly recommend the Tranquility Essence and find it equally excellent for all sorts of occasions – we always have a bottle on hand.

I am so grateful that an acquaintance of mine referred me to Jessica.

Paul Mercurio - actor

Powerful, transformative work

I am so grateful to have worked with Jessica, and I cannot recommend her multifaceted, intricate and powerful therapy sessions enough. I have been fortunate to work with some very talented healers over the years, and Jessica is no exception. My two sessions with her are possibly the most powerful and transformative work I have done to date. Jessica has the tools and ability to work on many different levels, physical, mental, emotional and energetic. This is a rare find in the healing industry, but so important for full integration. I believe that working on the physical and emotional body together is really important in achieving a complete healing experience.

The results I had where profound. Thanks to physical adjustments to my lower back and sacrum, I am no longer in pain in my hips, legs and back. This was a huge shift for me as I have been really suffering in recent months, being on my feet all day at work and in considerable pain.

Mentally I am much more relaxed as the constant worry in the back of my mind has dissipated. I am calmer, sleeping more deeply and am much more able to be in the present moment, without constantly thinking of what will go wrong next. I am much more joyful without the burden of 

constant worry.

I also had significant upheaval in one of my relationships almost immediately after the first session. Although painful, I was able to see that the relationship was no longer healthy for me and I was grateful to be able to break a pattern of co-dependency I had been carrying for a long time. I was also able to assert myself and say no, without anxiety or worry about it for the first time. A challenging situation but one that was ultimately very empowering, as I was able to respond in new and healthy ways, whilst also letting go of unhealthy behaviours and low self esteem.

My visits to Jessica were altogether amazing and transformative, resulting in very tangible benefits on the physical, mental and emotional levels. During the whole treatment, I felt that Jessica was a very safe, compassionate, supportive and non-judgemental person.

Loved it!!

Kate Charlton

Works in hospitality and is also a trained psychotherapist.

Distance Healing better than a clinic visit!

I am so grateful to Jessica for her distance healing. My body responded instantly. I felt much lighter and since then, my body has continued to improve thanks to the energy balancing work and cranial adjustments Jessica performed. I had been seeing a chiropractor in my home town and was getting worse instead of better. Jessica put me back on track and she didn't even see me in person!

Jessica has a special gift and I recommend her healing work to everyone.

I also love Jessica's Simply Flower Power cream! I use it as a face and body moisturiser regularly. The cream feels soft and silky, it's easily absorbed into the skin and doesn't have a strong fragrance. People comment on how nice my skin looks. I wouldn't use anything else!

Connie Fratini

Office Administrator

Amazing results in so few visits

I first saw Jessica Read ten months ago. I was suffering from pain in my right hip, radiating down my leg, and also from a painful bunion. On top of this, I had developed RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my wrist from too much cleaning while preparing my house for sale. The next step was to have an injection in my hip for bursitis. I had been seeing a chiropractor and an osteopath about every ten days but my problems kept reoccurring. I had also been diagnosed with anemia. This is when I decided to contact

Dr Jessica.

After my first visit, I felt relief and an improvement in my symptoms. I had more energy and was almost pain-free. The second visit resulted in further improvement and the difference I felt to my general well being was huge. Jessica used emotional healing techniques as well as the physical and energy work. I used her Simply Flower Power cream and Tranquility drops between visits.

I have now moved interstate and have had a session via phone (distance healing) to adjust twinges. The healing effects of this have also been long lasting. I still use the Simply Flower Power cream for neck, hip and foot areas which give me occasional discomfort. The cream has even 

relieved a headache!

I cannot recommend Jessica's gift of healing highly enough. I have seen, or phoned, her only four times over ten months, a huge difference to the weekly/fortnightly visits I was making to other practitioners. Seeing Jessica has saved me time, travel and money, and my health has benefited immensely. I cannot thank Jessica enough for being there for me, at a time when I was about to go down a very different path which probably would not have solved my problems in such a profound way. Thank you.

Jane Mc Gaw

Animal healing testimonials.

German shepherd with neck pain and cat with dislocated tail.

I have been using Dr Jessica Read's animal distance healing services for the past three years. I have two German shepherds and three cats. She has helped all of them at different times with extraordinary results.

Jessica was able to 'adjust at a distance'. i.e. without meeting my dog in person, my female German shepherd's neck which had been severely twisted in an incident several years previously. The improvement in my dog's demeanour was visible within 24 hours.

Another time she helped one of my cats whose tail had become bent, as if dislocated or fractured. My veterinarian advised complete amputation of the tail! After only two distance treatments from Jessica, my cat's tail was back to normal and has remained so to this day. I could hardly believe it and was so happy for my poor cat who certainly didn't want to lose his tail!

Jessica has also given me 'distance treatments' and they have been equally effective.

Lyn Street

Lowchen female dog with sore back.

My eight year old Lowchen female dog, Mel, slipped on polished boards a few years ago causing her back to go into spasm. This eventually subsided but ever since then she reacted with pain when I stroked her lower back. Bowen treatment helped but the improvement did not last and the treatments had to be repeated.

Within a few days after the first 'distance healing' from Jessica, the change in Mel was evident. She became much happier, more exuberant and very cheeky, in fact she returned to her nature prior to the accident. She also seemed to have more control over herself and wasn't barking as much. And best of all her back no longer twinged when touched.

Several more distance treatments followed and Mel continued to improve. Now she only requires occasional maintenance check-ups and is holding her adjustments really well.

I can't thank Jessica enough for what she did for Mel and I have recommended her to several of my dog owner friends.

Christa Faig


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