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Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference

Healing Modalities

The following healing methods can be applied just as well in person as at a distance i.e. with the animal not physically present. In a distance healing, the energy pattern of the animal is 'called in' and appears to Dr Read on her healing table. With her 'psychic vision' she is able to see, as well as test using muscle testing, that the energy has arrived. Sometimes the animal might telepathically communicate with Dr Read and she will respond in kind.

Long lasting chiropractic adjustments

Dr Jessica developed a system that has enabled her to perform longer lasting physical chiropractic adjustments. Correcting the imbalances in the energy field (etheric or spirit body) first, helps the physical corrections hold better. The following list of healing modalities includes all the energy healing methods as well as the physical ones. In a distance healing, the physical ones are applied energetically and have been called skeletal alignments here. 

Aligning the etheric body with the physical body

For good health and balance, the animal’s spirit body (etheric pattern) needs to be aligned with its physical body. If there has been trauma, shock, emotional or physical upsets, the etheric body may go out of alignment with the physical. It might move to the right or to the left, or above the body. Sometimes the energy draws up from the feet to the abdomen, sometimes just one part of the body might be misaligned. In a person, this shows up symptomatically as a feeling of ‘not being quite there, disconnected, constantly tired’. The same would be true for an animal, even though they can’t tell us.

Dr Read is able to bring the etheric body back into the physical. With her ‘psychic’ eye, she can see the misalignment and observe the realignment as it takes place. Human patients describe the feeling of being realigned as feeling more focused, having clearer vision and an immediate diminishing of fatigue. This would apply to animals too.

Skeletal alignment

This is akin to chiropractic adjustments, applied energetically. The pelvis, skull (cranium) and every vertebra are checked, using muscle testing, and any misalignment is expertly and precisely corrected. There have been many instances of remarkable recoveries of mobility in many animal patients.

Aura and Chakra balancing and aligning

Chakras are energy centres on the body. Jessica works with ten chakras. Their names are: Base (Root), Navel (Sacral), Solar (Solar Plexus area), Heart, Soul, Throat, Brow (Third eye area), Crown, Nexus and Cosmos. Each chakra corresponds to an organ and has specific emotional characteristics as well. Already at this point, a part diagnosis of the animal’s problems can be made, which will be confirmed and enlarged upon as the treatment progresses.

Dr Read developed her own chakra balancing mixtures using elements from nature. They are very powerful and effective at realigning and bringing back balance to the chakra system. Having aligned chakras, makes you feel stronger, more grounded and clearer thinking. In an animal, this shows up as reduced agitation, calmness and improved listening skills and concentration.

Cranio-sacral therapy

Dr Read can feel the movement of the energy field around the head, the cranial pulse. This pulse gives a clear idea of the general health of the animal. A healthy pulse will have an even rhythm, extend out and in from a center point, not too widely and not too narrowly. It will have a bouncy feeling to it and will be regular.

An uneven pulse, jerky, or even stuck with no movement at all, is a sign of imbalance in the body. The aim is for the animal’s cranial pulse to be as close as possible to ideal. This is usually achieved after the first or second session.

The Emotion and Body Code are systems of energy balancing developed by a U.S. chiropractor, Dr Bradley Nelson. The internet has lots of information on this. These systems enable the practitioner to correct emotional traumas and physical misalignments. Every part of the body can be tested in depth. Toxins, bacteria, viruses may show up, the need for certain herbs or supplements may also be detected. The Emotion Code is the part of this system that addresses emotional imbalances. Here again, great depth and precise emotional disturbances can be diagnosed and corrected. This is one of the most advanced forms of energy healing available and Dr Read has seen some amazing results from using it with many animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

Flower essences (also called Flower remedies)

Dr Read studied Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Remedies in great depth and ended up learning how to make her own flower essences (brand name: Simply Flower Power). She has made many over the years. The most frequently used mixture is one she has called Tranquility Essence. It contains 12 flower essences addressing the emotions behind stress: fear, confusion, overwhelm, shock, out of body feelings, grief, to  name a few. Tranquility Essence works remarkably well to calm animals without sedation. You can add three to five drops to your animal's daily water bowl for daily removal of stress. You can also put a few drops directly on the top of their head or at the back of their neck so that the calming energy enters the blood stream immediately.

Dr Read has access to hundreds of other flower remedies through all the books she has and can test if any are needed. The energy of these flower essences is then 'called in' so that they can be applied to your animal as indicated by muscle testing.

Colour, Essential oils, crystals

Colour, essential oils and crystals all work as vibrations. These vibrations can help re-balance your animal's energy pattern in a remarkably efficient and long lasting way. Dr Read will use these when indicated by muscle testing.

Psychic healing and Reiki
Dr Read studied Reiki in great depth during her Holistic Healing course, and learned how to work with the Angelic realm, do hands on  healing, and communicate with guides. She will call on these methods as and when required during the course of a healing session.

Animals' responses and communications

While Dr Read would not refer to herself as an animal communicator, she has had many 'conversations' with her animal patients during their healing sessions. Some will ask what she is doing, nervously, or they may tell her how sick they feel. She will explain and reassure them. Many express their appreciation at the end of the session - horses in particular are very polite and so appreciative; their energy comes across as regal and it feels like an honour to work with them! Each animal has its own voice. One particular German shepherd sounds like an eleven year old English private school boy! Even if years go by between his 'visits', he still has that same voice each time he communicates. One cat said at the end of his treatment:'I feel blissed out, thank you!"

Herbal mixtures

Dr Read refers her patients, both animal and human, to Lynne Gardner, herbalist, for individually formulated unique herbal mixtures.

Lynne lives in New South Wales and can intuitively work out which herbs are required for each individual. She prepares all her herbs herself, some are made from the classic herbs but others are from flowers, leaves, or even fruit.

Lynne uses the Chinese method of treatment, addressing problems at their root rather than just treating symptoms. She writes a full report describing the herbs she has used for each mixture (usually three different ones) and what aspects of your animal's health they will be addressing. She works with humans too by the way and Dr Read and her family have been using her herbs for health improvement for over thirty years with extraordinary results.

You may contact Lynne directly by calling 02 6494 2192. If her husband, Neville, answers the phone, just ask to speak to Lynne. (Please leave a message if you reach her voicemail.) She will ask you a few questions about your animal and what signs and symptoms he/she may be exhibiting. Then she will make up the herbal mixture and send it to you directly. Dr Read and Lynne Gardner may also discuss your animal's condition and treatment if they feel the need to. They are in constant communication and both care deeply about their patients. 

Cost of the herbal mixture:

One 125ml individually prepared herbal mixture for animals: $80 plus $15 postage Express Post. (within Australia. International rates will need to be assessed case by case)

This is expected to last 2-3 months and is added to the animals' food bowl. (Cats - cats are often fussy eater so a few drops of the herbs may be placed on the back of their neck instead)