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Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference

Animal healing testimonials

I have been using Dr Read’s services for my cats and dogs for the past seven years and have always been very happy with the results. She was able to correct a severe neck torsion in my German shepherd and a tail dislocation in my cat, all remotely. The changes in my animals were remarkable. I can’t recommend her work highly enough. Lynette Street, Drouin, Vic.

My cat, Tiger, had a much longer and happier life thanks to Dr Read’s help in the last few years of his life. She was able to keep his body well balanced and he was so much happier and more peaceful each time he had a session. Jen McGaw, Adelaide, S.A.

I could not believe the changes/improvements that occurred in my toy poodle, Reggae, after his treatments from Dr Read. Once he suddenly became withdrawn and sad for no apparent reason. Dr Read was able to detect an energetic interference and once cleared, Reggae was immediately back to his normal bouncy happy self. Catherine Lai, Mt Eliza, Vic.

I used to bring my Lakeland terrier, Sophie, to Jessica, for an adjustment and energy balance. We also worked on her emotions using the Emotion Code. Sophie was so happy to see Jessica and cooperated fully with her hands on work. I am quite sure that Jessica’s healing contributed greatly to Sophie’s long life of 17 years. Anne Donaldson, Frankston, Vic.

My seven-year-old toy poodle, Albert, has had two distant treatments with Jessica. The first time was because he was depressed over a bad haircut that made insensitive people laugh at him, and the second time was due to separation anxiety and his difficulty reconnecting with me when I came home. Each time he improved right away. Jessica was even able to explain to him why I had to leave him sometimes and he really seemed to understand. He no longer hid under the bed when I came home after that. Kim Lee, Wantirna, Vic.

My 16 months old spaniel, Oscar, was very sick with ‘kennel cough’. Dr Read did a distant healing on him which helped him a lot but he was still coughing so we gave him some flower essences and he was soon back to his own mischievous self. I was very impressed. Nicki Kuurman, Carrum Downs, Vic.