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Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference

 About Animal Healing

Over a period of 45 years in practice, Dr Read has developed a unique way of practicing chiropractic which is both effective, long lasting and can be done energetically so the patient does not need to be physically present. This is called Distance (or Remote) Healing.

In addition to her chiropractic work, Dr Read has a Diploma in Holistic Healing and practices energy healing using the Body Code and Emotional Code methods, flower essences, colour, crystals, etc. She can also balance your chakras and realign your etheric pattern.

response to demand, Dr Read has adapted her healing techniques to animals, developing a totally unique way of helping animals to better health and well being.

Your animals will be treated just as well as any of her patients. There is no discomfort to the animal as they remain in the familiarity of their own home throughout the session. You will receive a full report of the healing, usually a recording sent to your email or mobile phone.

Problems that can be addressed:

- Back and neck issues

- Recovery from injuries or trauma

- Feeling unwell, lethargic, not eating

- Emotional issues such as fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, grief

- Re-homing and rescue issues, etc.

Treatments included in a session:

- Pelvic, spinal and cranial adjustments

- Cranio-sacral therapy

- Body Code and Emotion Code

- Aura clearing and aligning

- Chakra balancing

- Flower essences for emotional issues

- Crystal, sound, colour healing

- Dietary advice.

- Personalised herbal formulas from Lynne Gardner

- Numerology for character analysis