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Dr Jessica Read, D.C.

Holistic Healing with a difference

Born to be a healer

Early inclinations towards healing

My first memory of healing was holding my small five year old hand against the back of my grandfather's head to relieve the tension his cancer was causing. It didn't matter how tired my arm became, I held the contact as long as he needed it. I was the only one of his grandchildren who would do this and he always told me how much better my hand would make him feel. 

If I could help him in any way, then I certainly wanted to. I was devastated when he died a

year later.

At school I didn't fit in with the other girls so was a bit of a loner, but when someone was in trouble, they would usually turn to me and I would listen and help them feel better. The teachers would often entrust me with the care of new students to help them settle in. They must have sensed the deep empathy within me.

Unlike my peers, I was always attracted to the sick and the weak. I burned with a desire to understand the cause of disease and then maybe learn how to cure or at least alleviate it.

Chiropractic studies

I chose to study chiropractic mostly because I wanted to learn how the body worked. I wasn't familiar with chiropractic philosophy itself to begin with. I loved my anatomy book so much that I would sleep with it on my bed!!! After graduation, I taught for a couple of years, which was like doing a post graduate course as many of the subjects I was teaching had not been part of

my original course.

The first time I worked in a busy clinic seeing many patients over a short period of time, I quickly became discontented. I seemed to be continuously performing the same spinal adjustments, week after week. I had been led to believe that chiropractic could do much more than this and felt that my time was being wasted on repetitive work.

Then I was invited to attend a series of seminars on an advanced form of chiropractic called Sacro-occipital Technique (S.O.T.). This new way of adjusting involved a much more sophisticated way of correcting pelvic distortions, and I also studied cranial adjustments. I refined the technique to make it extremely precise and gentle. I was finally making a real difference to the people who came to see me.

Vibrational healing and flower essences

Eventually I became disgruntled again. My desire was to be a 'healer', not just a chiropractor. This is when I embarked upon a 500 hours course in vibrational healing. We learned many forms of energy healing including advanced Reiki, applying colour, sound, essential oils, crystals, flower essences to help bring harmony back into chakras and auras. We also learned to communicate with angels and ask them for help. I found myself entranced. Somehow it all made sense to me. My questions were finally being answered. It was like coming home - this is what I was truly meant to do!

By this time I had also studied the healing power of flower essences and had made my own flower essences formula to help with pain relief (and help adjustments hold better and longer) by putting certain essences, of my own creation, in a cream base. My first cream was called Nature's Remedy First Aid Cream and I subsequently created an even more advanced one, Simply Flower Power Pain Relief & Moisturising Cream, which is still available in health food stores and on line, as well as directly from my clinic.

Putting it all together - the emergence of a unique form of holistic healing

The result of all this study and practical experience over a period of forty years is a method of healing that addresses the whole body - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our body, mind and spirit operate in conjunction with each other. Each level affects the others. To restore balance and harmony, you have to address all the levels and make sure they are interacting with each other harmoniously. I kept learning and trying new methods until I was able to find a way of bringing a person back into a holistic, integrated state of being. It is truly satisfying work which feeds my soul as well as being of benefit to others!

Patient centered results

I have been offering this work to my patients for many years now. People leave feeling changed on a very deep level. Not only do most of their aches and pains disappear as if by magic, they also tell me that something at the core of their being seems to have been brought back into alignment. They can handle their life better, the joy of living they knew as a child returns, they lose unwanted weight and easily maintain this new found slenderness. When problems arise they are able to address them with calmness and efficiency, relationships improve and overall they seem to have more time and no longer reach bedtime in a state of exhaustion. Sleep deepens and becomes truly regenerative.

How good would you like to feel?

If you believe you are genuinely ready to find out for yourself how good you can really feel, then give me a call to make an appointment. I will be happy to see what I can do for you too!

Dr Jessica Read, D.C.